Employee theft takes on a new form

Gift cards are not just for giving.  An article in the New York Times this week suggests that the ubiquitous cards are becoming a favorite way for dishonest employees to steal from their employers.   The story notes that the plastic wallet stuffers are especially difficult to trace.  ID is not generally required when the cards are redeemed and they can be easily sold on internet auction sites, usually for close to face value.

It’s yet another case of new technology being used by the unscrupulous to steal from their bosses.  Many employers probably feel that they are fighting a losing battle as each new anti-theft system is met with ever increasing ingenuity by sticky fingered employees.  This battle is not inevitable.  The way to stop the ever escalating cycle is to not let it start.  How?  Businesses must identify job applicants with improper attitudes regarding theft. If these applicants are not hired, they won’t have the opportunity to construct new systems for the stealthy removal of merchandise.

Unfortunately, most hiring processes aren’t able to identify any but the most obvious thieves among us.  However, there are tools available.  The Step One Survey II is a hiring profile that identifies a job applicant’s attitude towards theft, as well as other values that are important to employers.  These surveys are affordable and indispensable to any company with employees handling merchandise or money, or who work unsupervised around valuables.  These tools not only score the applicants, but also provide interview questions to help explore any red flags they raise.  Think of the Step One Survey II as a gift for the hiring process.

Your Achievement Unlimited, Inc. representative has sample survey reports and additional information available.  Call today to protect your company from dishonest employees.

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