Part two: Learning Leadership through a Bad Experience!

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Part two: Learning Leadership through a Bad Experience!

When I went back to the office after that meeting I told my manager that I was NEVER going back to that cesspool of male chauvinist pigs again. Never again would I subject myself to that behavior.

He was quiet for a moment. Then he came back with, don’t get angry, get even. He went on to say that there were many good men in the group who would want to be helpful and are professionals in the industry who would be very disappointed if they knew what had happened. He also recommended that I call every female agent and invite them to attend the next month’s meeting. He said that just because one person in a group was bad, didn’t make them all bad.

I did just what he recommended, and the following month there were nine women who attended that meeting. Each meeting we grew in numbers and over the course of several years many more women were hired into the industry.

I did not realize it until much later what a gift that manager had given me. He taught me that by facing a bully, and reaching out to others, that we could make an organization better. He taught me to manage anger and put it toward something useful. We are often with presented with learning opportunity and it takes leadership to find creative ways to teach the lesson.



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