How to Be the Leader in your Own Life

Learn how to conquer life’s challenging moments; give up resentments, complaints, and blame as you align to reality; define your purpose and guiding principles; implement your vision and act with personal integrity; and value and respect yourself at a deep level.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding four paradigms to live life
  • Commit to live from the paradigm of personal integrity
  • Conquer life’s challenging moments
  • Align to reality: Give up resentments, complaints, and blame
  • Recognize choices in life and take responsibility for your experience
  • Clarify and live your personal vision
  • Define purpose and guiding principles
  • Implement your vision and act with personal integrity
  • Value and respect yourself at a deep level

Module 1:  The Integrity Model

  • Process of self-mastery
  • Inherent flaws in common symbols of success
  • New definition of success based on personal paradigm
  • Power of personal paradigm
  • Four paradigms from which people live
  • Core beliefs of each paradigm

Module 2:  Conquer Your Key Moments

  • Respond to challenging or upsetting events (key moments)
  • Explore patterns in your responses to key moments
  • Process consequences of your behavior
  • Choose positive behaviors and feelings during key moments
  • Identify and challenge distortions in your interpretations
  • Method for changing weakening beliefs to empowering beliefs

Module 3:  Embrace Reality

  • Nature of reality
  • Importance of aligning your life to reality
  • Accept “Difficult” realities of life
  • Explore and “Let Go” of resentments, complaints, and blame
  • Live in the “Here and Now”

Module 4:  Exercise Responsibility

  • Personal Responsibility:  Meaning and nature
  • How you avoid taking responsibility for yourself
  • Assess willingness to accept personal responsibility
  • See choices available in your life
  • Power and freedom comes from accepting responsibility

Module 5:  Clarify Your Vision

  • Meaning and power of vision
  • Clarify personal vision
  • Evaluate thoughts that stop you from living your vision
  • Set goals to achieve your vision

Module 6:  Define Your Purpose

  • Difference between three kinds of vision
  • Write personal purpose statement
  • Clarify guiding principles
  • Affirmations to support living your purpose and guiding principles
  • Visualization techniques to realize your vision

Module 7:  Act With Integrity

  • Meaning of personal integrity
  • Recognize actions of personal integrity
  • Know symptoms and consequences of self-betrayal
  • Let what “Matters Most” govern what “Matters Least”
  • Deepen commitment to what is most important
  • Make behavior congruent with what is important to you

Module 8:  Value Who You Are

  • Meaning and importance of self-esteem
  • Be the primary source of your self-esteem
  • Accept imperfections
  • Make time for self-renewal
  • Acknowledge and build your strengths
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude