Meet George





George works with organizations that want to develop great leadership for today and assure a continuum of leadership for tomorrow.




Brings You Wise Planning, Common Sense and Profitability

George Hefley has developed the tools and techniques to increase profits, generate new revenue, and build overall organizational success. He works with your leadership team in identifying objectives and creating solutions to meet your specific needs. His background as an  entrepreneur and leader will assure that you have actionable strategies that can be applied immediately.

Real World Solutions and the Results You Want

From his years as a long range planner in manufacturing, commodity trading, and engineering George offers real world solutions and the results you need in today’s competitive business environment. His business experience includes financial analysis, operation streamlining, business modeling and strategic planning.  


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“It’s easy to tell it like it is. After all the thousands of dollars spent with ‘financial consultants,’ you have finally given me a handle on the business. Thanks so much.” –Margaret White, Owner—Papio Fun Park


Success is a Choice — Success is a Habit