Coaching for Improved Performance & Results

Enhancing the Human ConnectionBy Rex C. Houze

Improving Performance Results

  • The relationship between performance and results
  • Why people don’t perform the way we want
  • Barriers to effective individual performance
  • Barriers to effective team performance
  • The role of coaching in winning performance

The Magic of Motivation

  • Why people act the way they do
  • What people want and need
  • How to bring out the best in people
  • How to energize people
  • Characteristics of a motivator
  • Types of motivation
  • Improving morale

Communicating Effectively

  • What effective communication looks like
  • How to improve communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • The role of active listening
  • The role of words, questions, and phrasing
  • Dealing with negative people and resistance

Clarifying Goals and Expectations

  • Getting people to perform up to your expectations
  • Benefits of setting goals
  • Why people resist setting goals
  • Goal setting principles and how to apply them
  • Stamping out uncertainty
  • Knowing what goals to set
  • How to get goals specific
  • The goals process
  • Types of goals
  • How to keep the goals process alive
  • Setting priorities
  • Communicating goals and expectations to your team

The Role of Positive Reinforcement

  • Benefits of appropriate feedback
  • How to celebrate successes – including improvement
  • Types of feedback
  • The role of scorekeeping in feedback
  • Principles of effective feedback

Keeping Score

  • What we can learn from the world of sports
  • Benefits of keeping score
  • Defining winning on your team
  • Insight precedes change – the role of stats
  • Using resources effectively
  • Getting feedback on your performance
  • How to know what to keep score on
  • Ways of keeping score
  • Scorekeeping principles

Coaching for Results

  • Characteristics of effective coaches
  • Establishing appropriate levels of trust
  • Teaching techniques that work
  • Helping people get in their ZONE
  • Process coaching
  • The three step process
  • The six Cs of effective coaching
  • Opening closed minds

Each session includes an Action Plan:
Supportive Quotes to Reinforce Ideas
Self-Evaluation Checklists
Action exercises to apply new skills or current knowledge
Coaching Tips
Motivational Minutes
Feedback Sheets to Track Progress
A Coaching Plan of Action for immediate and ongoing results.


  • Improved Results
  • Increased Motivation
  • Better Morale
  • More Cooperation
  • Energized People
  • Accelerated Change
  • Less Frustration
  • Less Mistakes

  • Deadlines Met
  • Higher Trust Levels
  • Clear Communication
  • Keep Key Employees
  • Improved Quality
  • Better Customer
  • Service

Coaching for Improved Performance Results helps leaders narrow the gap between potential and performance on their teams.

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