Developing the Heart of a Champion

A Program for Creating a Successful Life

Developing the Heart of a Champion is ideal for any individual who wants to be a better leader. You will develop and adapt the eight characteristics proven to attain success, identify the most vital goals in every area of your life, and develop a personal plan of action in order to achieve maximum success.

One:  Flaming Your Desire

  • Personal responsibility
  • The importance of enthusiasm for a successful life
  • How to develop your desire
  • All motivation is self-motivation

Two:  Winning with Your Attitude

  • How attitudes are formed
  • Maintaining a high energy level
  • The role of self-image in success
  • Acting your way to a better attitude
  • Develop a “Whatever It Takes” attitude
  • Your greatest power
  • Eliminate “If Only” and “What If”  thinking

Three:  Increasing Your Confidence

  • Getting into your ZONE
  • Just for today

Four:  Building Your Belief & Visualizing Your Success

  • How to develop belief
  • Believe to succeed
  • The role of self-image and self-esteem in success
  • Develop your abilities
  • Feed your mind with thoughts that support your belief system
  • The role of visualization in a successful life
  • Develop an Abundance Mentality

Five:  Planning & Preparing for Your Future

  • Working smart
  • Working hard
  • The road to mastery
  • Overcoming negative conditioning
  • The eight P’s of personal achievement

Six:  Clarifying Your Goals

  • Goals are the key to a successful life
  • Reducing problems with written goals
  • Written goals will help stamp out uncertainty
  • The benefits of setting goals
  • Why people resist setting goals
  • Goal setting rules
  • Knowing what goals to set
  • How to get goals specific
  • The goals process
  • Types of goals
  • How to keep your goals alive
  • Priorities prevent panic

Seven:  Developing Your Perseverance

  • Focus on strengths
  • Don’t quit

Eight:  Guarding Your Integrity

  • Personal responsibility
  • Communicating with integrity
  • It’s hard to get away from a good listener

Each session includes an Action Plan:
CD’s for convenient listening and retention
Complete script of each CD
Supporting Quotes
Self Evaluation Checklists
Action Exercises
Feedback and Discussion Sheets

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