Natural Selling Process

The Best Way to Sell

Build strong relationships quicker! Get more sales for the same effort! Shorten your sales cycle!

Whether you are new to sales or been selling your entire career, if you are not making the progress you would like to be making and are capable of making in sales, you will want to participate in the Natural Selling Concepts program. Natural Selling Concepts will show you how to apply timeless principles to your own personal style so you can do your best in each step.

Along with the concepts so vital to professional success, you will learn practical tips and suggested dialogue to bring everything together in a way that is memorable and, most importantly, practical.

The Natural Selling Process

  • How do you become YOUR best?
  • The goals of the Natural Selling Process
  • NSC definition of selling
  • Webster sales people
  • Using “Lambs” for your success
  • Overview of the Natural Selling Process

One:  Finding New Business

  • What is prospecting and why is it important?
  • What are the best sources of new business?
  • A new way of looking at cold calls

Two:  Building Relationships

  • Establishing rapport
  • The importance of product knowledge

Three:  Qualifying for needs and decision-maker

  • Communication principles used in selling
  • Improving your ability to ask questions
  • Creating effective Up-Front Contracts (UFCs)

Four:  Conducting Effective Sales Interviews

  • The effective use of UFCs

Five:  Working Through Objections

  • What is an objection?
  • Developing “Lambs”
  • Eight categories of objections

Six:  Closing Sales

  • Trial closing
  • Closing sales
  • The nine best ways to close

Seven:  Controlling Your Success

  • A x Q = R
  • Measuring quality
  • Managing your time

Eight:  Following Up For Greater Success

  • Types of follow-up
  • The Natural Selling Concepts follow-up system
  • Putting Natural Selling Concepts to work

Each session includes an Action Plan
Self-Evaluation Checklist
Action Steps
Workshop Exercise
Sales Tip
Motivational Minute
Feedback and Discussion Sheet

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