“Rose Mary’s energetic and enthunsiastic, her enthusiasm is contagious!  Her passion and spontaneity provokes one to thought, and inspires action.  What we perceive is motivation, ‘I can do that.’  She gives you the ‘how to’ but makes you feel she is speaking directly to you.” –B.C. Clark, President—MOWBC

“Rose Mary is a wonderful story teller whose presentations are spontaneous, fun and full of content.  I really like her energy and style.” –B. Tuner, VP / GM—DT&M Co.

“Rose Mary conducted a keynote for our conference that was energized and informational.  She was a big hit. But what impressed me most about Rose Mary was the time she spent researching our business prior to the presentation so that when the time came, her training matched our needs.”  –Kevin Hensel, Director of Marketing—America First Companies



The Five Reasons Leaders Fail

Great Habits for Leadership Success

Why People Don’t Want to Perform?

Creating a High Performance Strategy

How to Be the Leader in your Own Life

The Trust Factor


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“Rose Mary’s personal commitment to us and high energy level throughout our training kept us inspired and looking forward to more.” Karen Hemmingsen, Manager—Great Western Bank 


Success is a Choice — Success is a Habit