Getting Results through Others

The Art of Developing and Managing Your Most Valuable Resource–Rex C. Houze

Helping Team Members be Productive

  • Defining Productivity
  • Managing Versus Doing
  • Problems That Prevent Optimum Productivity
  • Five Ingredients for Improving Productivity
  • Principles for Helping People Produce Desired Results
  • Characteristics of Effective Managers
  • Getting People to Follow Your Lead
  • Developing Personal Accountability
  • Instill the Pursuit of Excellence in Your Team Members

Communicating Effectively

  • Communication Factors
  • Intent versus Impact
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • How to Improve Communication
  • The Answers Are in the Questions
  • The Role of Words, Questions, and Phrasing
  • Principles of Asking Effective Questions
  • The Role of Active Listening
  • Levels of Listening
  • Empathy/Ego Balance
  • Dealing with Negative People and Resistance
  • Dealing with Criticism
  • Success is Dependent on Relationships

Activity and Results

  • The Relationship Between Behavior and Results
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • High Payoff Activities
  • Using Time Effectively
  • Encourage Change
  • Keeping Score for Greater Success
  • Using Delegation to Get Results Through Others
  • Benefits of Effective Delegation
  • Basic Rules of Delegation
  • Steps to Effective Delegation
  • Levels of Delegation

Clarify Goals and Expectations

  • Change the Way People Think to Achieve New Goals
  • Clarify Expectations to Improve Performance
  • Eliminate “Mutual Mystification”
  • Goals are the Key to Productivity Improvement
  • Why People Resist Setting Goals
  • The Goal Setting Process
  • How to Keep the Goals Process Alive
  • Helping Team Members Become Goal Directed
  • The Importance of Balance
  • Communicating Goals to Your Team

Motivating People to Produce

  • The Bottom-line of Motivation
  • The Importance of Attitude in Motivation
  • Developing a Motivational Environment
  • Principles of Effective Motivation
  • Create “Want to” versus “Have to”
  • Frequent Feedback Prevents Problems
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Positive Confronting
  • Confrontation versus Criticism

Training Techniques that Work

  • The Role of Knowledge, Skill, and Talent
  • The Role of Teaching and Coaching in Training
  • Stages of Learning
  • Help Team Members Develop Their Talents
  • Reduce Interference to Improve Performance
  • “No News” Kills Behavior
  • Inspect What You Expect

Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • The Power of Decision Making
  • Deciding How You’ll Decide
  • Defining Problems
  • Dealing With People Problems
  • Principles for Dealing With People Problems
  • The Six-step Process for Dealing With People Problems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Solving Procedure
  • Problem Prevention

Creating Synergistic Teamwork

  • Barriers to Effective Team Performance
  • Building a High Performance Team
  • Develop an Abundance Mentality
  • Focus on Strengths
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Summary

PLAN OF ACTION–2 CDs for Convenient Listening & Multi-sensory Learning

Each session includes:
Quotes to Support Learning
Self-evaluation Checklists to Identify Opportunities for Improvement
Action Exercises to Insure Application
A Productivity Tip to Enhance Application
A Motivational Minute to Inspire Action
A Feedback & Discussion Sheet 

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