Improving Performance & Results

Improving Organizational ResultsRex Houze

Improving Organizational Results provides organizations with a solid foundation for raising overall performance and achieving the desired results on a consistent basis.

Organizational Achievement Factors

  • The success/results model
  • The relationship between performance and results
  • Organizational achievement factors
  • Summary

Improving Organizational Results

  • Barriers to effective team performance
  • Goals are the key to improving results
  • Benefits of setting goals
  • Goal setting principles and how to apply them
  • Why people resist setting goals
  • Change the way people think to achieve goals
  • Launching your goals program

Implementing Your Goals Process

  • Types of goals
  • How to get goals specific
  • Eliminate “Mutual Mystification”
  • Clarify expectations to improve performance
  • Getting people to perform up to your expectations
  • Writing a goal
  • Making it simple

Identifying Your Most Important Goals

  • Vision statement
  • Organizational purpose
  • Mission statement
  • Core values and principles
  • Knowing what goals to set
  • Stamping out uncertainty
  • Defining problems
  • Identifying productivity improvement goals
  • Organizational dream sheet
  • Future description
  • Most important goals
  • Thought stimulators for organizational goals
  • Creating a motivational environment

Developing Your Action Plan

  • Helping team members become goal directed
  • The importance of balance
  • Priorities prevent panic
  • Clarifying S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Completing a goal worksheet
  • Communicating goals and expectations
  • Summary for developing action plans

Ensuring Greater Success

  • Role of positive reinforcement
  • Keeping the goals process alive
  • Benefits of keeping score
  • Knowing what to track
  • Principles of keeping score



  • How to use an action plan
  • Organizational goals pyramid and cycle

Where We Stand Now

  • SWOT analysis
  • SWOT worksheet
  • Where we stand now worksheet
  • Core values and principles
  • Performance excellence assessment
  • Culture assessment

Where We Want to Go

  • Vision, purpose and mission
  • Organizational dream list
  • Future description
  • Master list of goals—long and short range
  • Most important goals

How We Are Going to Get There

  • Improving productivity
  • Productivity improvement sheet
  • Helping team members be productive
  • Employee development plan
  • People development plan

Action Plans

  • How to get a goal specific
  • Goal worksheets

Affirmations and Visualization

  • Role of self-talk in success
  • Sample affirmations
  • Affirmations worksheet

Tracking Progress and Results

  • Self-evaluation checklist
  • Areas to keep score—partial list
  • Scorekeeping worksheet
  • Creating scorecards
  • Sample scorecards
  • Feedback log
  • Report to management
  • Accomplishments

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