Bringing Out the Leader in Me

How to Win the Inner Victory in an Often-Stormy World

Life is a journey, which can be indescribably joyful, exhilarating, and satisfying for some, or distressing and painful for others. For the people who choose not to let the negative forces of this world stand in their way, they can weather any storm and still enjoy life to the fullest. How do they do that? Are you one of those people?

This seminar will introduce you to the concept of self-mastery—how to live your life through the paradigm, or filter, of personal integrity. What’s more, you can apply this material to both your personal and professional lives.

We’ll begin by discussing the true definition of success and ultimately walk through the model for self-mastery, which presents concrete ways you can maximize your potential each and every day. Some of the seminar highlights include:

  • The pathway of self-mastery Vs. the pathway of survival
  • The four paradigms from which you can live your life
  • Conquering life’s challenging moments
  • Recognizing choices and taking responsibility for your experiences
  • Building more trust into your life
  • Defining your life purpose
  • Clarifying and living from your personal vision

So if you want to learn how to achieve personal satisfaction and success, come join us as we discover how to win the inner victory through self-mastery!