Leading Through Trust

How to Empower Others to Do Their Best

Experts agree that a leader’s effectiveness is built on the quality of his relationships with the people he leads. They also agree that in order to nourish strong relationships, the “Trust Factor” is the most crucial component involved.

When trust is high, we feel most safe and are willing to cooperate with others. When trust is low, we fear others and try to dodge close relationships. Trust is the solid ground upon which a relationship can grow and flourish.

This seminar gives leaders the tools they need to use trust and empowerment skills to improve communication with their employees. You will learn how to help others grow and reach their full potential. We’ll start by discussing what “Leading through Trust” really means, like:

  • The definition and characteristics of trust
  • The role trust plays in relationships
  • Strengthening behavior Vs. weakening behavior

Then we’ll take a close look at specific steps you can take to elevate trust, like how to:

  • Change win-lose behavior to win-win
  • Empower employees using a six-step process
  • Listen effectively using a five-step process
  • Affirm employees’ performance the right way
  • Ask valuing questions to help others achieve their desires
  • Confront negativity with the five-step leveling process
  • Improve employee performance with the six-step harnessing process

If you want to learn how to lay a solid foundation for working relationships with the people you lead. Contact us today to bring you this seminar!