How to manage Difficult Conversations

Techniques for Spreading Optimism throughout the Workplace

Can you think of a person you’ve worked with who’s had a habit of making pessimistic remarks—no matter what the subject? Someone who seemed to enjoy dragging others down to their level of sour attitude? Or what about the co-worker who has had a temporary lapse into disagreeable thoughts and contention?

The fact is, we’ve probably all struggled with our own negativity for a short period of time. Though it is common, temporary negativity is something to be concerned about, and the same is especially true of habitual negativity.

This seminar is about people who are short- or long-term cynics and naysayers, and how you can see the bright side of things. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to:

  • Spot signals in order to prevent negativity
  • Keep your composure when dealing with a negative person
  • Communicate clearly and listen carefully
  • Skillfully confront people who habitually discourage or oppose others
  • Help the pessimist see the positive side of things
  • Recognize pessimistic styles in other people, and respond to them effectively
  • Address your own needs in order to stay positive

There is a lot to gain by learning the right techniques and skills for conquering negativity. You owe it to yourself, your co-workers, and your customers to learn how to conquer the negativity around you and enjoy life at the office to its fullest. Come join us!